It’s Complicated, I Definitely Need People

This morning at 5:45, I stumbled groggily to the kitchen and prepared a Valentine’s breakfast for the 13th consecutive year. If you think that I am a shmoozy ladies man coaxing unsuspecting women into relationship with my cooking you would be half correct. There are not women, just one woman – Taryn and I are celebrating out 13th Valentines Day together.

I am not a huge fan of the anxiety produced by a bunch of marketers and Hallmark executives and like Taryn said this morning “I think this day is a joke. Who cares…but please keep making me breakfast.”

Maybe you made your own breakfast today. I read yesterday in the New York Times that more and more people are living alone. One of the contributing authors said that this isolation was “chipping away at our humanity.” Studio apartments are not the enemy but the growing opinion that tenderness, empathy, and dependence are signs of weakness is a giant worth slaying.

There are plenty of things to loathe about Valentine’s Day (like how 13 years of pancake cooking experience does not make me exempt from burning the first two) but what I enjoy about today is that it reminds me that the primary way that I (perhaps its different for you) experience God’s love is through the love of others.

Living life to avoid dependence on others is tragic. We shouldn’t do that. Like our leg needs a knee and our head needs a neck, we need lots of people. So whether “its complicated” or it’s a 13-year relationship, celebrate your need of people today.

Here’s a list of those that I need. Who do you need?

Taryn – I need your curlz. And everything else.

Jordan – I need your jokes and your passion.

Blaine – I need your curiosity and invitation.

Jari – I need your questions.

Matt – I need your music. I need your reminders of who I am.

Parents – I need your wisdom, your kindness, and your email forwards.

Joshua, Steven, Adam, Mark, Kevin, Ryan – I need your ideas. I need your passion for the Gospel.

Gotwalt – I need to know what all of the kids are doing on the internet.

Who do you need? Can you tell them that today? What are the voices that tell you that you shouldn’t “need” others?


2 Comments on "It’s Complicated, I Definitely Need People"

  1. Jarrod says:

    A great post from a friend of mine speaks to her need of people – specifically the role that community plays when one is single. Read it now!!

  2. Jari says:

    I need your enneathoughts.